Symptoms of “Senior Moments” of Forgetfulness VS Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease in Baltimore, MD

As those we love age, it can be difficult to see some cognitive abilities slipping. One of the hardest things to watch is your elderly family members start to lose their memories. Forgetfulness is often a common thing that many elderly people struggle with. There is also a certain level of forgetfulness that is completely normal. It can be hard to decide whether you are dealing with simple forgetfulness or a real problem like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Hopyn to Loving Care is here to talk about the early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, so you know when it is time to get those you love help.

Common Forgetfulness Senior Moments

Like mentioned above, there are always going to be ‘senior moments’ where your elderly loved ones have things slip through the cracks and are forgotten. It can be more difficult to decide when you need to truly be concerned for their health and well-being as a result of forgetfulness. Following are some of the most common things that are forgotten and not a need for concern.
– Entering a room and having forgotten what they had come in for
– Forgetting the name of a family member and needing to cycle through a long list before finding the right one
– Wanting to say something, but unable to find the right word they are looking for to express themselves
– Difficulty processing and remembering information that has just been relayed to them
– Misplacing objects that they use on a regular basis
– It takes longer to explain things and is difficult to use precise details

How to Talk to Someone with Short Term Memory Loss

It can be intimidating to have a conversation with someone you love about their forgetfulness. While they may be struggling, it doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions and a desire as to how to move forward when the problem seems like it is getting bigger. Before making any decisions for your loved ones, it is important you talk to them about your concerns and let them voice their opinion about what their wishes may be. Make sure you are compassionate and understanding as you are having these delicate conversations with those that you love.

Signs of Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

There are several signs that may be present when your loved one is at a point that they may need some professional help with their forgetfulness. Here is what to look for.
– Inability to perform tasks of everyday life
– Feeling disoriented or lost when in familiar settings
– Not recognizing loved ones and showing significant memory loss
– Difficulty controlling their emotions and acting out when they forget something

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It can be difficult to watch those you love age. It can also be difficult to navigate all of this on your own. That’s why Hopyn to Loving Care is here. We can help you care for your aging loved ones. Call us today!

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